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ATAS PERMINTAAN RAMAI..semua nk tudung cantik mcm amyra rosli pakai..maka kita restock design yg kami pernah keluarkan pada tahun 2020..

NO FUSSY BUYER..kalau tak boleh sabar x digalakkan utk order..


26-31jun 2022 (kalau brg smpi awal kita pos awal)


bdg 47-rm35
bdg 50-rm39
bdg 60-rm45

Our essential cotton voile elevates the formal and everyday alike with its softness, weightlessness and ever-so-subtle sheen. This hijab comes in a stunning print that's a must-have to keep your wardrobe fresh.


  • Custom printed bawal square
  • Sheer, wrinkle-resistant fabric that becomes opaque when folded
  • Perfect for all climates and versatile square styling
  • No underscarf or pins required


Materials & Care

  • Cotton voile fabric
  • Machine wash warm with like colors
  • Tumble dry low
  • Steam or iron on medium heat
  • Fold immediately after use to help prevent wrinkling



1. Actual colors may differ slightly from your screen due to camera flash and the fact that every computer monitor, laptop, tablet, and phone screen has a different capability to display colors.

2. Due to the natural condition of the material, you might see fine lines near the hem and scarves may not be 100% perfectly square.

Please be informed that colours may differ slightly due to camera flash / computer settings.