About Us

Hana Dinara was launched in 2016 after finding it difficult to find quality square hijabs at affordable prices and variety for different occasions. We took it on ourselves to source high quality square hijabs without the ridiculous price tags for women from all walks of life. Since then Hana Dinara's customer base has grown immensely with the love, support and positive feedback from our loyal customers as well as our passion.


Based in Malaysia we offer a vast variety of printed square hijabs. Be it casual or special occasions, we’ve got it covered for you. There is something for everyone at Hana Dinara. Our aim is to provide a wide variety of designs to suit individual taste and style ensuring high quality and comfort. I use creative techniques to design innovative pieces that is the first of its kind.


Our customers are the heart and soul of Hana Dinara. We pride ourselves in providing the very best customer service and great communication. We want our customers to feel at ease and enjoy their shopping experience with us.